Time Attack Italia: what’s next?

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The Time Attack Italian Series 2016 is coming, so we decided to have a quick chat with Andrea Scorrano (the TimeAttackItalia organizer) to talk about the evolution of this championship in Italy

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WabiSabi “Tell us the story of how this series is born”                                                                                               Andrea Scorrano “The idea of an Italian Time Attack version was born in 2011, when i was talking with my friend Federico Sceriffo about dritfing and the fact that i wasn’t ready to compete, but despite this i had the desire to stay in the motorsports environment. So i tought about something never seen in Italy………TIME ATTACK!”

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WabiSabi “What do you think about the 2015 Championship?”                                                                                 Andrea Scorrano “Well beyond expectations, mainly because it was the first Official season and the second full season, we have grown exponentially in no time. One thing i’m very proud of is that we were able to maintain an informal and friendly atmosphere in the paddock, a rare thing to find in 2016. On the other side, the relationship with race tracks is very difficult, the most problematic part of my job is to create the calendar.”

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WabiSabi “What can we expect from next season?                                                                                                     Andrea Scorrano “Car’s development progress at breakneck speed, so, to create more competition RWD and FWD cars will be reunited in the same Class, we’ll also try to separate naturally aspirated cars from the supercharged ones. My dream for 2017 is to have a large number of cars in the Open class, starting this growth already in 2016, and to have the race tracks for the entire weekend, which would help to build a great relationship with them.”

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WabiSabi “Thank you for answering these few questions, we hope that this championship will grow more and more in the near future”                                                                                                                                   Andrea Scorrano “Obviously this would not have been possible without the staff that works hard to ensure that the race goes well, you photographers, the sponsors, CSAI staff who did a great job this year and the Federal School. In short, thanks to all the TAI Motorsport staff!”

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See you at the first Round of the Time Attack Italian Series 2016. Stay tuned! 


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