Spa Classic

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Organized by Peter Auto, Spa Classic is one of the most important historic racing events of the year, taking place in one of the most beautiful tracks in the world…the “Circuit de Spa Francorchamps”. More than 300 racing cars that have written the history of motorsport rushing into the 19 turns of the track, recreating an incredible atmosphere of motor racing passion, that almost bring you back in time. So, if next year you`re near Spa during this event, do yourself a favour and go to the track, you won`t regret it.
Created in 2011, the Spa Classic continues to grow and evolve every year. The starting grids, divided in 7 different classes, brings back some of the most legendary racecars ever created.

Taking a walk in the Spa-Classic paddock is something that every real petrolhead should experience. You can literally walk by some incredible cars like the Jaguar XJR-15

During the weekend of the Spa Classic it’s possible to see a pretty impressive variety of racecars, from pre-66 endurance to Group C, with a cherry on top…Global Endurance Legends.
With the following pictures we want to virtually bring you at Spa-Francorchamps with us, or even better, make you want to go to Spa Classic in the future.


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