Patata Terror

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“Patata Terror”, that’s the name of Filippo Pirini’s RX7 FC, an amazing drift car built to compete all over the world.
060A0026 9J3A0005060A0056 060A0061 060A0071 Let’s see the specs of this drift machine:

  • Chassis: Mazda RX7 FC
  • Built by: CarSistem Li-Pi Drift
  • Weight: 1019kg
  • Engine: 2JZ GTE Turbo 690hp
  • Transmission: Getrag V161 6speed – Cusco 1.5 way type RS Differential
  • ECU: MoTec M800
  • Wheels: Rays Engineering 18×9.5
  • Tyres: 255/35 R18
  • Steering Angle: 62° degree
  • Body: Carbon Fiber
  • Interior: Sparco Seat, Takata Harness, FIA rollcage, lifeline extinguisher

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