Gatebil Rudskogen

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What is Gatebil? Try to explain this event is really difficult, we could say “drift all day, party all night” but it’s more than this. Drift, Time Attack and Stance in one place for a whole weekend whit an almost never ending light creates a unique atmosphere.060A9305060A9660060A9632060A9637060A9630060A2888_DSC2727Walking in the paddock is great, you can capture beautiful images, but walking in the pitlane is even better….9J3A9653060A9710 060A9720….and then there’s the best, the Track!060A0050060A3540060A3118060A2289They were all out to destroy their tires060A1294Someone did it in twin…060A1501……others preferred a threesome060A1594Everywhere you turned you could see (and hear) cars sideways060A0694060A0637060A0211Time attack guys also put on a great show with their amazing cars060A0834 060A3403060A0946060A9911060A9337060A9887060A9928 060A9957Before the World Powerslide Championship started everybody warmed the tires, doing donuts and burnouts060A3177 060A3155 060A3201Than the show began, the cars were pushed to their limit trying to impress the judges and the crowd. Who will drift and slide most exciting with maximum amount of smoke and closest to the pins will be the winner060A0415060A2747060A2551060A2480060A2383060A33099J3A9830060A3333In conclusion, words are not enough to explain what Gatebil is, with this pictures we tried to make you understand how it feels to be at this event, but i think that the best way is to come here at least once in a lifetime


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