Gatebil Mantorp

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If you follow us you already know about Gatebil, if you don’t, let us explain to you through this images, simply, it’s the craziest, funniest drift/grip/automotive festival in the world. This year we headed to Mantorp Park (Sweden)060A0820 copiaIMG_9141 copia IMG_9147 copia IMG_9143 copia

Everything is possible at Gatebil, like an AMG powered BMW…060A0067 copia 060A0071 copia

…or an Audi powered BMWIMG_9158 copia

Believe us, when we say everything, we mean everything!060A0463 copiaIMG_9211 copiaIMG_9227 copia IMG_9226 copia 060A0075 copia 060A0333 copia060A0334 copia 060A0203 copia 060A0250 copia 060A0277 copia 060A0315 copia 060A0352 copia 060A0361 copia 060A0387 copia060A0378 copia 060A0400-2 copia 060A9911 copia060A0403 copia 060A0615 copia 060A0666 copia 060A0722 copia 060A0733 copia 060A0759 copia 060A0845 copia 060A1007 copia There’s a special mood at Gatebil, it’s all about the fun and pushing your car to the limit060A1030 copia 060A9251 copia 060A9315 copia 060A9328 copia 060A9330 copia 060A9357 copia 060A9393 copia 060A9539 copia 060A0475 copia060A9652 copia060A9798 copia060A9585 copia 060A9803 copia 060A9880 copia IMG_9153 copia IMG_9162 copia IMG_9188 copia IMG_9198 copia IMG_9202 copia IMG_9215 copia IMG_9221 copia IMG_9233 copia IMG_9238 copia IMG_9257 copia IMG_9270 copia IMG_9275 copia IMG_9279 copiaSee you next year Sweden….or maybe in September. Special thanks to Max Bassoli, Luca Baroni and Buldre Racing Team, this trip wouldn’t have been the same without youIMG_9232 copia


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