Blancpain Endurance Series – Monza

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Sunny weather , 57 GT3 cars and an endurance race, what else do you want from a racing weekend? The Blancpain Endurance Series headed to Monza for the first round of the season and the response from the fans was amazing, almost 22000 people during the weekend, a sign that shows how this city still has hunger for motorsport. This event is the closest thing to the “1000 kilometres of Monza”, the famous endurance race held in the “Temple of speed” from the early 60’s to 2008, maybe is because both take place on April 25 weekend or maybe is the endurance spirit of the race, but we like to think that something of that glorious race is still alive today060A1683 copia060A1652 copiaIMG_8808 copia 060A9928-2 copia 060A1666 copiaIMG_8817

Let’s talk about the paddock, one thing that we all love to do is to walk around and see up close some of the finest GT cars in the world, but this time was even better, one moment you’re taking pictures of your favorite car and the next you could literally end up in the middle of the preparation of the Lamborghini Supertrofeo race. For sure the closeness to cars and drivers is one of the reasons for Blancpain Endurance Series succes.

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Everything is almost ready, the cars, the drivers, the stress begin to rise and the fans can’t wait to see the raceIMG_8801 copia 060A1837 copia 060A0805 copiaIMG_8804 copia060A0840 copia

Well, just enjoy this pictures of the start and the first part of the race, we’ll continue to talk later 060A1874 060A1875 copia060A1963 copia 060A0360 copia060A0406 copia060A1610 copia 060A1025 copia060A1376 copia 060A2263 copia060A0560 copia 060A0381 copia 060A0233 copia060A1112 copia

The race was full of battles all around the track with terrific overtakings and #84 Mercedes AMG GT3  of HTP Motorsport was leading, followed by #58 McLaren and #23 Nissan GT-R

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The sun is going down and the race is almost over but Giancarlo Fisichella is still pushing his Ferrari as fast as he can to complete an incredible comeback to the second place of the Pro-Am category060A2753 copia060A2540 copia060A2087 copia060A1178 copia

0.341 seconds, that was the final gap after 180 minutes between the winner #58 Mclaren of Garage59 and the second place of #84 Mercedes AMG GT3. Shane Van Gisbergen and Maximilian Buhk put on a show for the last 30 minutes of the race fighting for the victory and we all have to say “thank you”, this is the kind of races that we want to see, with a very high level of competitiveness and a large number of overtakings060A2794 copia

See you next year Monza!060A2810 copia


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