Bergamo Historic Gran Prix

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The Venetian walls, which surround the oldest part of Bergamo, are the scenery for this historic race that attracts 30,000 spectators every year. The race recalls the only edition of the Bergamo Grand Prix won by Tazio Nuvolari with his Alfa Romeo P3 in 1935. Also this year, the 2,920 metres of the track, starting from Colle Aperto, will be run clockwise. It is a real sight to see racing cars and motorcycles chasing each other around the only medieval racetrack in the world. On September 26th 2004, after 69 years the “Circuito delle mura” Gran Prix was back for the first time.

Classic motorcycles have a big spot in the Bergamo Historic Gran Prix with legendary brands like Gilera, Aermacchi, Guzzi, Laverda, Benelli and many others

With its unique views inside the walls of the “Citta’ Alta” and the possibility for the visitors to be really close to the action, the Bergamo Historic GP is a must for every car and motorcycle enthusiast

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