A dusty weekend in Maggiora

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The FIA European Autocross Championship took place in Maggiora, the reference point for off-road races in Italy, with 5 categories involved:

  • Super Buggy: Autocross Single-seaters, 4-wheeled vehicles designed and built specifically for participating in Autocross
  • Buggy 1600: Autocross Single-seaters.The total cylinder capacity of each car must not exceed 1600cc
  • Touring Autocross: Touring cars homologated in Group A or in Supertouring. Cars must be rigidly closed non-convertible models
  • Junior Buggy: Autocross Single-Seaters. The total cylinder capacity of each car shall not exceed 600cc
  • Kart Cross

1234567 981011It’s a great challenge to shoot them while they jump down the track raising dust clouds12 14 15 1617 18 19 20There was a lot of people in the stands to watch the show of European Autocross Championship battles21 2722 23 24 25 2628 29 30 31 3233 34 At the end of the day few drivers had their car intact1335 363738

Autocross is a very fun class to follow, many contacts and a lot of passion, two things that we like, we hope to return next year for another weekend of dust and speed


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