24 Hours of Spa

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Just do yourself a favor, go to see the 24 Hours of Spa, at least once in a lifetime……actually “see” is the wrong word because at the end of the race you’ll be excited and tired, sleepy and happy, a unique contrast of emotions. And during the following days you’ll think only one thing, “i want to do it again”.

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With this photos we want to make you feel like you were in Spa-Francorchamps with us, starting from the city parade up to the end of the race, experiencing the daylight, the sunset, the night and the sunrise, something that only a 24 hours event can give you. Enjoy…

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Thanks to SRO, Blancpain Endurance Series and the Circuit of Spa-Franchorchamps for this amazing event. See you in 2017 Belgium!


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